All Sessions 2010

13 Jan 2010
Wines from Domaine Les Temps Perdus

Clotilde Davenne


20 Jan 2010
Wines from Central and Eastern Europe

John Jackson

Theatre of Wine

27 Jan 2010
Turkey Flat wines

Peter Schulz


10 Feb 2010
Adelaide Hills Wines

Colin Wagstaff

This meeting will be held in The Ismay Room, The Fort, Grange Lane SE21

Please bring your own spitoon.

17 Feb 2010
Gems from South Africa

Nick Mitchell and Dagmar Droogsma

24 Feb 2010
Bordeau Undiscovered

Nick Stephens

Please note change to the programme

3 Mar 2010
Fine Wines from the Rhône

Jonathan Hoad

Yapp Brothers

This special tasting will be charged at £20 for members. Non members will be charged £30 and should reserve their places in advance

10 Mar 2010
A selection from

Piers Hamilton

Please note change to the programme

17 Mar 2010
The diversity of Greek Wine

Nick Kontarines and Geoff Morris

Yamas Wines Ltd

24 Mar 2010
Women in Wine

Greville Havenhand

31 Mar 2010
Portugal: As dynamic as it's diverse

Sarah Ahmet

The Wine Detective

21 Apr 2010
Wines From South West France

James Bercovici

Big Red Wine Company

Change to programme

28 Apr 2010
5 May 2010
Les vins de France, Merveilleux

Ray Cousins

12 May 2010
Working in the Yarra Valley

Gemma Holden

19 May 2010
Wines of Lazio

Robin Davis


2 Jun 2010
9 Jun 2010
Annual General Meeting

16 Jun 2010
Wines of Switzerland

Ian Steel

For the Love of Wine

23 Jun 2010
Fine Wines from Rioja

Mike Ritchie, MW

Moreno Wines

This special tasting will be charged at £15 for members. Non members will be charged £25 and should reserve their places in advance

30 Jun 2010
Premium Australian Pinot Noir

Colin Wagstaff

7 Jul 2010
14 Jul 2010
New Spanish wines from A&A wines

Jose Rubio

A&A Wines Ltd

Please note this is a change to our programme

15 Sep 2010
Bancroft Wines

Jason Busby, Director

Bancroft Wines Ltd

22 Sep 2010
The Diversity of Spain

David Ford and Colin Wagstaff

6 Oct 2010
Good Value Pinot Noir

Nick Mitchell

13 Oct 2010
A comparison of Tuscany and Piedmont

David Allen M.W.

Coe Vintners

20 Oct 2010
Magical Merlot

Colin Wagstaff

27 Oct 2010
The Wines of Baudry-Dutour

Sylvine Teston

Baudry-Dutour, Vignerons à Chinon

3 Nov 2010
Boekenhoutskloof Wines

Ross Rutherfoord

Export Manager

10 Nov 2010
A selection of wines from the Cockburn and Campbell portfolio

Marek Wilimowski

Cockburn and Campbell

17 Nov 2010
A selection from Caviste Wines

David Thomas

Caviste Wines

Note this change to our advertised programme

24 Nov 2010
1990 Revisited

Members Presentation

This special tasting will be charged at £15 for members, and £25 for non-members (who should reserve their place in advance)

1 Dec 2010

but visit Pier's website at

8 Dec 2010
Blind Taste Challenge

Colin Wills

Uncorked Ltd

15 Dec 2010
Favourite wines of the year

Christmas Events

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